Integrated Prom

So here’s where the Prom controversy in Georgia ended up last week.  Interesting to consider if pressure from outside of the town caused this change to occur.  How important was the role of the media?  Or did the town just respond to the passion and hard work of the students on this issue?

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  1. roryblock1 says :

    I definitely think that this was a response to the media. The facebook page has almost 30,000 likes and boasts donations from all over the world. This isn’t the town responding to the passion of the students. if the town wanted an integrated prom, they wouldn’t leave it to the parents to put on, they would organize it themselves! Yes, this was definitely a success because of the national scale it garnered thanks to attention from the media.

  2. Paul1 says :

    The media definitely had a much larger role to play than the dedication of the students. The fact that there is still segregation in the year 2013 is enough to make national news, as it did. The media attention, through both traditional news and through social media is what led to the change. The town merely allowed the integrated prom to happen, as evidenced by the fact that white parents still put on a segregated prom in addition to the integrated one.

  3. Natesa! says :

    The media played a significant role in why the integrated prom took place this year. If it weren’t for the media’s attention there still would have been two separate proms for blacks and whites. The town had nothing to do with this because white parents still were able to hold a private prom for just the white students. The media holds great importance when it comes to issues such as this one, because people outside of the area where things like this take place can see what is going on and help do something about it, which was the case with this integrated prom.

  4. natek7 says :

    I think it was because of both the media attention and the work done by the students. Had the students never felt the need to have an integrated prom or create a facebook page none one would ever know of the segregated prom. However, this event did gain traction because of the large amount of media attention. If the media did not find out about this event it is likely that nothing would have changed.

  5. jack7 says :

    I think it is important to talk about the specific type of media at work here: social media. Those four girls created a facebook group that went viral in a sense, leading those more progressive-minded to donate to the cause. Clearly, the effort of those students to get the world out generated a stronger-than-expected response, which facilitated this new integrated prom. I think this is less the town responding to the students and more the country responding to the backwards ways of the the town; social media played a hugely important role in this backlash.

  6. sarahb7 says :

    Had the school board and parents really wanted an integrated prom, it would have been held prior to 2013. I believe that the media enabled the students’ prom to be integrated this year, and I agree with Nick that it’s really the role of social media and the pressure of having so much national attention on one school in Georgia that caused this change. Clearly, however, the social media was unable to reach the parents who still support a segregated prom, so now this situation is in the hands of the city to stop the “white only” prom.

  7. Kunaal7 says :

    I would like to salute the four students who arranged the integrated prom and for what they have achieved. It is unbelievable that we still have segregated proms in this modern age. Those kids have shown lots of courage to do something which is not a norm in that part of the country. However, it is surely not a massive achievement for civil rights as media is projecting it. The media and political leaders have created a circus out of this prom. It should be an event for the students and politicians should stay out of this. Nevertheless, it is an inspiring event and those students need to be appreciated.

  8. 4mary says :

    I give serious credit to the four girls who made this happen. They stepped up and took what shouldn’t have been, but was, a very controversial stance. (I’m sorry but HALF of the kids still went to a segregated prom…?) I think their role was to be the catalyst for the change and I think the media (by way of Facebook as people have mentioned) was the vehicle they used to make it happen. I think there was also more support in the community for this than was initially thought, because it wasn’t until these girls stepped forward, that other people came forward as well.

  9. govrobin1 says :

    Although serious credit should be given to the four girls who made this happen, however I don’t think this would have been accomplished so fast if it were not for the media. The vast amount of national media attention really put the town in the spotlight, and caused reactions to ripple throughout the country. This reaction essentially prompted the town to move for change, otherwise the vast efforts of these four girls might not have been nearly as successful. The media linked the the issues of de facto segregation and directly influenced the nation’s reaction.

  10. emmar4 says :

    I think that most of the credit should be given to the students who wanted this prom and set it in action. They knew that reaching more people could put pressure on the outdated ways of the town and make a difference. They also knew that using social media was the best way to reach more people nationally and globally. Obviously, nothing changed in the town even when students expressed interest in an integrated prom, so national pressure because of social media must have been the tipping point.

  11. jenchen1 says :

    It was the effort of both the initial four girls and the media that pushed forward this change. The bravery and tenacity of the girls sparked the attention and the media definitely influenced and made the integrated prom a success. It was mainly the social media I believe that spread the issue. Though a lot of attention was from the outside (and the media), we have to remember that it was the seniors themselves that asked for and created the change. On a different note, it bothered me how everyone called the event an ‘integrated prom’… why even emphasize the ‘integrated’? Start by calling it just prom, makes it seem like what it actually is. So people can choose to go to white prom or just prom 🙂

  12. thetuck1 says :

    I think the integration of this prom was made possible both by the girls who started the “Integrated Prom” initiative and the media. It shocks me that after all this time, areas of Georgia have found it so difficult to accomplish such change, and have managed to stay lost in a tradition entirely unsupported by the progress of America. While I think the media played a crucial role in the integration of this prom by covering the issue and bringing national attention to this county of Georgia (and effectively putting them in a bad light), it clearly would not have been possible without the four kids who started it all. After all, their hard work and effort allowed the media to catch wind of this story in the first place. With that said, who knows if they would’ve achieved their goals without the support of the media?

  13. iqra07 says :

    The media played a much larger role than the students did. The town didn’t care about having an integrated prom; if they did, they wouldn’t have still held a segregated prom and would have helped plant the integrated one. If the town hadn’t garnered national attention, there wouldn’t have been an integrated prom.

  14. connor bitterman says :

    I think it is awesome that students who strongly believe in a specific cause were able to come together and rebel against the norm and what is socially accepted in their demographic area to truly break ground in a color barrier that has existed in this town for far too long. I was completely unaware that such segregation still exists and due to a combination of both the media and the will power of the students, my previous understanding of where segregation is now in society was able to be fulfilled. They did a great job utilizing the media, an engine that they knew could fuel their belief because of how quickly it could reach so many people and they are hopefully getting the praise that they deserve.

  15. Langston4 says :

    We actually discussed this in a BLSU meeting. The role of the media definitely played a very huge part in this situation. By gaining all of the national attention from the news and social media, it put tons of pressure on the town to integrate the prom. Yes, it was student led, but by using the media, it gave their cause the final push to pass their agenda in their town.

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