The Voting Rights Act of 1965

The following two videos give you some background on the Voting Rights Act dispute that was argued in front of the Supreme Court last month, and then give you a taste for the two sides of the argument on whether Section 5 of the Act is unconstitutional.  In your view, should the Court uphold Section 5, or not?

2 responses to “The Voting Rights Act of 1965”

  1. Lizzie1 says :

    Section 5 should definitely be upheld. It’s necessary to make sure the equal protection clause is followed through even in the most discriminatory counties. It’s also important to uphold section 5 because of the most recent attempts to reduce the number of minority voters (Voter ID laws).

  2. andreaj7 says :

    After watching the second video posted above, the main question I had was, exactly, why some states/counties felt they had to eliminate section 5. Though , as mentioned in the video, the provision was an “emergency” measure to ensure equal protection and voting rights in 1965, why is section 5 coming into question NOW? I would imagine that those states functioning under section 5 feel that discrimination has ceased, and the measure is a bit embarrassing in regards to the district’s history with voting rights. Nonetheless, I feel that section 5 should continue to exist and be upheld. It is ignorant to say that discrimination has just disappeared in the years 2012/2013, though it has definitely subsided a great deal. As Lizzie mentioned, it is crucial to ensure equal protection of citizens who live in historically discriminatory counties.

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