Susan Rice: Collateral Damage?

In the following piece, Chuck Todd of NBC argues that UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s decision to withdraw her name from consideration for the Secretary of State position (which is open because Hillary Clinton is stepping down) is a result of partisan media attacks.  Do you agree or was she simply unqualified for the job as a result of her comments in the media about the Benghazi attack?

4 responses to “Susan Rice: Collateral Damage?”

  1. Lizzie1 says :

    It is possible that the reason she withdrew her name was a combination of both, but I primarily agree with Chuck Todd. Because the media made her the center of the Benghazi controversy, she was deemed unqualified for the job. That’s not to say the left-wing media doesn’t do the same thing, but the attacks from the right definitely put some pressure on her to drop out.

  2. megweck1 says :

    The Benghazi story was without a doubt a failure of communication that I believe Rice became the scapegoat of. She was quite qualified for the position of Secretary of State, but because of the right wing media, was framed, along with President Obama, as connected to the attacks. This is just one instance of media behavior that all points of the political spectrum participate in. Rice was misinformed, and, in my opinion, not trying to cover up anything. However, the claims of the right wing media were not completely based in fiction. They simply added in a bias, but a stronger one than usual. Rice’s decision to withdraw her name also came at a time when Republicans were looking to discredit Obama in the midst of the presidential election. Not only was this the fault of the media, but it was the fault of timing.

  3. Adam7 says :

    Benghazi has been described as a tragedy that the conservative media tried to turn into a scandal. I had really hoped that this manufactured furor would die down after the election, but unfortunately it has not. Our country is worse off for not having Susan Rice as Secretary of State. Let’s hope John Kerry has better luck in the nomination process…

  4. Liz7 says :

    Had the Benghazi attacks happened after the elections as opposed to before, I don’t think this would be in question. An incident that should have been classified as a misfortune and attack was instead turned into a game of pointing fingers. Provided the correct information, maybe Rice could have prevented the attacks, but calling her “incompetent” or “moronic” is a gross disservice. I think Susan Rice would have absolutely become Secretary of State if the Benghazi attacks did not dominate every foreign policy conversation during the election.

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