Larry Sabato on the Ryan pick

Larry Sabato is a political science professor at the University of Virginia, and the author of American Government: Roots and Reform (an AP US Government textbook).  He provides excellent perspective on Governor Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for VP.  Keep in mind his points as the campaign unfolds.

One response to “Larry Sabato on the Ryan pick”

  1. Natesa1 says :

    Larry Sabato makes several valid points on the Ryan pick. The one I most agree on is the point where Sabato thinks Romney picked Ryan to be his VP to win over the more conservative Republicans that may not be in favor of Romney and his policies. Many republicans, I’m sure, we’re please with Paul Ryan being Romney’s running mate to balance out his more moderate views and that gave Romney more points with those conservative Republicans. Also Sabato mentioned the fact that Romney might have chosen Ryan to win his home state, Wisconsin, which he though was unlikey and as we saw in the election Wisconsin went to Obama.

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